London, WC1
B1 - Victoria House

Crossroads returns to London marking a big shift with new art direction
and a new centrally located venue. A fresh, curated art fair with a strong vision,
Crossroads will feel more like an exhibition rather than a traditional art fair.

Placing artists at its heart, Crossroads encourages solo booths, shared presentations
and dialogues conceived around the particularities of the space.

The emphasis is on proposals that put forward intersectionality and show a geo-political stance.

Crossroads is a niche art fair that launched last year in London with ap proximately fifty international galleries and special projects, all hand- picked by renowned curators. Its goal is to be a relevant cross-cultural platform with an exciting mix of emerging and established galleries, as well as non-profits, with balanced geographical origins.

Crossroads seeks to answer an urgent need for a platform offering a more experimental and less commercial experience, with the look and feel of a biennale, which acts as a node connecting the local and the global. For the forthcoming 2017 edition, a mid-career London-based curator will select exhibitors that are predominantly dealing with questions of globalisation and cross-cultural interaction.

CROSSROADS 2017 will take place at B1, situated in the basement of the magnificent Victoria House, only 10 minutes by car, or a short Tube ride, from Regent’s Park. The layout will make the fair feel like an exhibition, privileging solo booths and collaborations between galleries.

The utilisation of the space will be in stark contrast with the traditional fair layout, with its repetition of white cubes. Purposefully cool, B1 enjoys a unique architectural style that combines industrial elements with exposed brickwork and blank canvas walls.


Liv Vaisberg


Alejandro Zaia


Sebastian Valdez